"Hélène is a figurative painter of rare talent. Even more impressive is the content of her paintings. Her deeply philosophical images show truths that most of us don’t easily digest."

Julianne Csapo,

Director of Pilotenkueche International Art Program


Negromundo - "La pintora Hélène Planquelle presenta dos nuevas obras […]"

Planquelle colabora con tres obras en esta exposición, dos de las cuales presentará por primera vez al público. Se trata de una pequeña serie titulada "Leurs yeux fermés à l'éternel éther", en honor a un verso del poeta francés Paul Valery.

Leurs yeux fermeěs aĚ l'eěternel eěther_

Create Magazine - "Storytelling Through Figures By Hélène Planquelle" 

Rare are the people who go through life without experiencing the rapture of love and the sorrow of having the person you care most about hurt you in the most unbearable way. Hélène Planquelle has made this beautifully painful experience, private yet so universal, the foundation of her art practice, which comes from a need to confront the torment of our relationship to the Other.

Hélène Planquelle - Needs

Negromundo - Entrevista con Hélène Planquelle

La artista alimenta su obra buscando deliberadamente la ambigüedad, la incertidumbre y el simbolismo. Según Planquelle, su trabajo consiste en "despertar emociones genuinas en los espectadores, que a menudo son el comienzo de conversaciones sinceras sobre temas existenciales".


Create! Magazine - "Cross-disciplinary work by Hélène Planquelle"

Fierce advocate of figuration, her work draws on  man's ancestral need for storytelling. As art is not so much about finding answers than raising questions, Hélène Planquelle's work deliberately looks for ambiguity, uncertainty and  multiple meaning.


TV Bologna - Paratissima Art Fair

TV Bologna interviewed Hélène Planquelle regarding her inspirations and the work she presented at the Bologna Paratissima Art Fair, around the theme of "NEEDS", taking place on January 24-25-26, 2020.

Helene Planquelle Interview

Pilotenkueche - Artist spotlight

“Artists have to ask themselves: Does my art matter in respect of my death? Does it change something? Does it speak to somebody? Does it make a difference?.” Questions like these are the guiding precepts by which Hélène Planquelle works. Heavily influenced by her humanities studies, Hélène’s practice centres upon philosophical principles concerning subjects like social interaction and responsibility for the other.

Hélène Planquelle Portrait

Déstructuralisme Figuratif - "Hélène Planquelle: The body as a space for metamorphoses" 

Nude, purple, red, and pink tones - remnants of the palette - contribute to the exaltation of these communing bodies and reinforce their visual impact. Hélène Planquelle invites us to approach the distinct reality of the body space for metamorphoses, caught between creative and destructive impulses.


Aroma Magazine - "Parts of Art" 

My work conveys my own way of seeing the world, and it’s also my way of bonding with people. It’s like I’m bringing people closer. When I manage to put what I have inside on the outside and people react to it, it’s like we reach common ground, we truly connect. The topics that I’m trying to tackle are somewhat uneasy and painful. My work is an attempt to sublimate complex and sometimes painful experiences you can do nothing about.

Hélène Planquelle - Portrait

Artes & Contextos - "Hélène Planquelle, The Subjectivity of an Other Consciousness"

The truth is not an attribute of art, it is its alma mater, and these works also rely on the surrender of Hélène’s models to her camera lens, as they embody, without limits or barriers, as only friends do, the artist’s dreams. Her truth.

Hélène Planquelle - Painting

Artes & Contextos - "Sexo e Medo"

Hélène Planquelle é uma jovem artista francesa autodidata que desenvolve a sua pesquisa estética em torno da questão da relação com o Outro. O outro é o inferno, o irmão, ou o amante. É aquele que é apreendido pela primeira vez pela face, sempre estranho, lembra-nos Emmanuel Levinas, um filósofo que a artista admira. 

Hélène Planquelle - Painting

BOUM!BANG! - "Le sexe et l'effroi"

Jeune artiste autodidacte française, Hélène Planquelle développe sa recherche esthétique autour de la question du rapport à l’Autre. L’autre, c’est l’enfer, le frère, ou l’amant. C’est celui que l’on perçoit d’abord par le visage, toujours étranger, rappelle Emmanuel Lévinas, philosophe que l’artiste affectionne. 

Deliverance or destiny IV.jpg

Dahinden - Gender Benders

Un grand merci à Hélène Planquelle pour ces quelques images de son œuvre « In sorrow shalt though bring forth children », actuellement exposée dans le cadre de l’exposition « Gender Benders »

Hélène Planquelle Photograph Exhibition